Carry All Products, Inc - Cut and Sew Specialists

Carry-All Products collaborated with a medical supply company to develop a line of products for applying cold therapy to injuries to promot rapid healing and pain relief. These products are used to reduce pain and swelling after surgical procedures allowing the patient a faster recovery. Carry-All Products manufactures the fabric wrap element for the devices.
Carry-All Products works with a company that makes pouches for law enforcement to contain belt items such as flash lights, hand cuffs, pistol holsters, radio cases, key holders, etc. Carry-All manufactures the "Duty Tuff" nylon gear product line that is a high quality, economically priced array of carrying holders for various law enforcement equipment.
Carry-All Products manufactures covers for several marine products. In fact we produce covers for most of the downrigger companies in the USA.
Carry-All Products makes several lines of fabric dunnage systems for product protection during manufacturing, handling and shipping of parts. These are specialty dunnage designs made from a variety of flexible fabrics and textiles. Internal pouches, expanding cells and dust covers are custom designed to protect sensitive parts.
Carry-All Products has recently acquired a line of several new items that includes medical product cases, electronic instrument cases and other custom bags and pouches. As always, Carry-All is ready to help design any custom fabric product that your company requires. If you can dream it up Carry-All Products can make it real.