Carry All Products, Inc - Cut and Sew Specialists

Carry-All Products, Inc was started by Ken and Pat Rademacher in 1983 here in West Michigan. The company was originally contained in the garage and basement of their house but by 1997 it had grown to the point where it needed a larger permanent facility, so the building at 4498-128th Avenue in Holland was purchased. Ken started off manufacturing a product called the Traveling Valet, which was a stand up suit bag. The ownership of Carry-All Products, Inc. was turned over to Ken and Pat's son, Chuck Rademacher in 2000.

Over the years we have designed and produced bank deposit bags, flags for boat manufacturers, custom designed covers for downrigger and trolling gear, custom design bags for trade shows, fabric wraps for medical devices to aid in cold therapy, custom cases for delicate medical instruments, and covers for various other types of products that include a custom logo embroidered on the case.

Carry-All Products has also worked with tier one automotive companies to aid in the manufacturing process by making reusable dunnage cart dust covers for automotive parts that protect the parts during the manufacturing and shipping process. We also produced a small sewn elastic part for GM at a rate of 50,000 per week that was included as part of the car interior overhead console.

We work with many of our local companies here in West Michigan as well as companies outside of the state. Carry-All has state-of-the-art, computer controlled sewing equipment that can be programmed to quickly and efficiently produce most any fabric product. We also have die cutting and RF heat sealing capabilities. If you have a need for a fabric piece as part of your product or a fabric case to contain your product give us a call. We can work with you to develop your product or we can work directly from your specifications. No job is too small and no job to date has been too big for us to handle.